Environmentally sustainable and health-conscious purchasing for Nature Canada members!

How many products do you use in a day? Chances are it’s a lot if you really take the time to count them out. Good news is you can now feel good about the products you use!

As opposed to other retail companies, the Canadian company terra20 does a lot of research into a product’s ingredients and production process before they agree to offer it to customers at their stores and online. They’ve even developed a system of icons to help inform you as to the benefits of each item. For example, an icon can let you know if the product is highly-efficient, organic, made in Canada, non-harming to animals and their environments, or free of harmful chemicals.

Another wonderful characteristic of terra20 are their ecobars. At each of their store locations, these dispenser stations offer eco-friendly household cleaners made with natural ingredients. The mixing is done in-store, so the transportation savings are passed on to you!

Nature Canada and terra20 are partnering and announcing a new opportunity for environmentally sustainable and health-conscious purchasing! Exciting, you say? We agree! terra20 shares our objective of encouraging healthier and sustainable lifestyles. Through terra20’s Saving For Change program, anybody who enrolls will receive a discount at the one-stop eco-store when shopping online. To add to this amazing deal, terra20 returns a portion of Nature Canada supporter sales to us, and we put that money to good use! By doing your shopping online, you can support Nature Canada’s various conservation, education, and outreach projects, all while enjoying planet-friendly items ranging from categories such as office supplies, health and beauty, and sports and recreation.

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Check out the guest blog post written by Pamela Tourigny of terra20 (and a recent addition to our Women for Nature initiative) about tips and tricks on how to spend a healthy and eco-friendly adventure-filled summer.

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