Greater Protection For Birds Across The Border

Yesterday, an event was held to present the State of the Birds: A Farm Bill Special Report, a report  by our partners in the U.S.A. North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI). This report touches on how the Farm Bill will provide protection for birds and also provide a safety net for American farmers and ranchers.

image of an eastern bluebird

Photo of an Eastern Bluebird by Alan Woodhouse

For birds, the Farm Bill secures important habitat for more than 100 bird species and is America’s largest source of funding for habitat conservation on private lands.

For landowners, the Farm Bill conservation programs are part of the safety net for farmers, ranchers, and forest owners. It provides financial support for vital ecological services, such as clean water and it keeps working lands working.

What does this mean for birds here in Canada? Billions of birds that are born in Canada each year migrate through or spend their winters on the continental U.S.A. Their welfare depends on habitat that supports their needs during these periods, as well as actions to mitigate risks to their survival. Our hundreds of shared species such as the Eastern Meadowlark, the Eastern Bluebird, the Northern Pintail and the Killdeer will benefit from a strong Farm Bill.

We congratulate and support our NABCI U.S.A partners in their efforts to encourage US lawmakers to implement the recommendations in the 2017 State of the Birds Report on the Farm Bill.

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