“Saddest Animal in the World” Arturo Update

In an earlier post we held great hope that Arturo would soon be enjoying his new home in Canada’s polar bear sanctuary. Unfortunately negotiations between The Canadian Zoo (which pledged to take Arturo and give him a proper home) and Argentina’s Mendoza Zoo fell through. The Mendoza Zoo claims that at Arturo’s age, and in his current state of health, he would not survive the two day journey to Canada.

This news has not swayed Arturo supporters. Many still believe that Arturo should be given the chance to live out his remaining days happily located in a larger, temperature appropriate environment surrounded by other polar bears.

It is truly sad that this beautiful creature be stuck in deplorable living conditions. It seems quite apparent that he is suffering and needs help. If you would like to help, continue to share Laura Morales’s (of Hamilton, ON) Petition to Save Arturo.

For more on the story visit: Save Arturo

Nature Canada will continue to follow the story and provide updates as we receive them.