Nature Art, Photography and Writing Contest Winner

As some of you may already know, the winners of the 2010 Robert Bateman Get to Know Canadian Art, Writing and Photography Contest were announced last World Ocean’s day at a special event in British Columbia. Amongst the many talented youths is Nicole Schmidt, currently in grade 5 from Calgary, Alberta.

Nicole loves being outside. Her backyard, the Rocky Mountains, or a sandy beach are her favourite places to be. She enjoys illustrating and photographing deer, rabbits, and birds. She has entered the Robert Bateman Get to Know Contest for several years but this was her first writing entry.




Here is an excerpt from her writing entry.


Mystery (Backyard Species)
By Nicole Schmidt, age 10, from Alberta

Twittering sparrow,
Croaking frog,
Something sitting on that log.

Vibrating moth,
Twitching gnat,
Something resting on the mat.

Scurrying mouse,
Buzzing bee,
Flying close, right next to me.



For a complete list of all winners please follow this link.