A look back in time and a look to the future

In 1967 his Royal Highness Prince Philip visited Canada and attended Nature Canada’s (then known as the Canadian Audubon Society) annual meeting in Toronto. At this meeting, Prince Philip shared a message of action which is just as relevant today as it was almost 50 years ago.

He called on us to care for our wildlife and to save it from destruction.

Management of the use of land and water using only best practices will benefit future generations. He also suggested a need for conservation plans and was recorded saying “If we don’t get answers right now, there won’t be a second chance. We will go down in history for our neglect. I, for one, do not relish the idea of my grandchildren asking me, ‘what went wrong?’”

Prince Philip attending the Canadian Audubon Society's annual meeting

Prince Philip attending Nature Canada’s 1967 Annual General Meeting

While going through old records from Nature Canada’s 75 year history I was struck by Prince Philip’s 1967 speech in particular. We are still experiencing many of the same issues that Prince Philip discussed, and the need for us to act to protect our planet is stronger than ever before! I hope that in another 50 years our grandchildren can be proud of the steps we have taken to make this a better world for all generations.

We would like to thank our guest blogger Rebecca Perrin for this post. Rebecca is a Co-op student with Nature Canada who loves to spend time enjoying the beauty of nature.