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Douglas H. Pimlott Award

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Nature Canada Pimlott Award CrestThe Douglas H. Pimlott Award is Nature Canada’s highest honour.

Douglas H. Pimlott was a renowned conservationist, wildlife biologist, ecologist and environmentalist. He was the founder of the modern environmental movement in Canada. The award was created over 30 years ago and is Nature Canada’s pre-eminent award. It is given to an individual whose outstanding contributions to Canadian conservation serve as an example to us all.

Douglas H. Pimlott Award Recipients

Dr. Ian A. McLaren (2017)
Dr. George Scotter

Anne Murray (2015)

The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, OC, OOnt (2014)
Robert Bancroft (2011)
Jackie Waddell (2010)
Robert Bateman (2009)
Harvey Mead (2008)
Dr. George Archibald (2007)
Dr. David M. Green and Dennis Baresco (2006)
Monte Hummel (2005)
Colin Stewart (2004)
Cliff Wallis and Martha Kostuch (2003)
Senator Mira Spivak, Kraft Sloan & Clifford Lincoln (2002)
Dr. David Schindler (2001)
Greg Mitchell (2000)
Robert S. Carswell (1999)
Dorothy Dickson (1997)
Marilyn Latta (1996)
Harold Hinds (1994)
Frank Switzer (1998)

Rosemary Fox (1993)
Diane Griffin (1992)
Joy and Cam Finlay (1991)
Lorne Scott (1990)
Dr. William Fuller (1989)
Stuart and Mary Houston (1988)
Thom Henley and John Broadhead (1987)
Lyn MacMillian (1986)
George E. Ledingham (1985)
Vernon C. Brink (1984)
Vladimir J. Krajina (1982)
W.W.H. Gunn (1981)
J. Dewey Soper (1980)
Jennifer Shay (1979)


The Douglas H. Pimlott Award is Nature Canada’s most prestigious conservation award.  It honours  individuals who have demonstrated a significant contribution throughout their lifetime through words and deeds to the conservation of Canada’s biodiversity, landscapes and  wilderness.  This contribution may have resulted from the individual’s  occupational or professional responsibilities, and/or from their activities as a  citizen or member of a group.  On occasion an award may be made for a very special one-time achievement/contribution.  Our preference is to make the award to a ‘living’ individual who has not otherwise received widespread recognition, although a ‘post-humous’ award may be considered.

Nature Canada Board members shall not be eligible for this award during their term of office unless the Awards Committee unanimously considers the contribution in time and effort by the Director to be truly outstanding and significantly above that expected of Nature Canada directors. Nomination for the award can be made by any member of Nature Canada.

Are you a Nature Canada member? *You must be a Nature Canada member to nominate someone for the Douglas H. Pimlott Award.

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Details of the nominee’s achievements and leadership in the conservation of nature in Canada.

Nomination Procedure

  1. The Awards Committee will review the nominations, acquire such additional information as is required to rate the nominee, and recommend the Awardees to the Board, for ratification.
  2. The Nature Canada Board shall confer the Douglas H. Pimlott Award to the recipient at the Annual General Meeting or other appropriate opportunity.
  3. On the recommendation of the Committee, a file may remain active for 3 years or until an award is made to the nominee, whichever comes first. Nominations must be received by 5pm EST on May 1st of each year for consideration for that year’s award.

The Douglas H. Pimlott Award consists of the following:

  • a story on the Nature Canada website describing the accomplishments of the recipient;
  • the presentation of a sculpture, painting or other work of art with a plaque bearing an appropriate inscription;
  • lifetime membership in Nature Canada

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