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NatureWatch Is In Full Bloom!

Samantha Nurse

Sam Nurse

With spring finally having arrived, there are even more opportunities to get outdoors and be in nature!

Here at Nature Canada, we have many ways in which you can enjoy nature, but also contribute to science! PlantWatch is one way of doing this!

PlantWatch is a program that monitors a number of plants in Canada. This program is important because scientist believe that climate change is affecting blooming times. With your help, scientist can then study this trend.

The plants that are being monitored bloom every spring so they are ready for you to observe! Some of the plants we are monitoring are: white water lilies, common purple lilacs, dandelions, and many more.

Another way to get out in nature and help scientists learn about the nature around you is through YardMap! Join Nature Canada in using YardMap to record the type of plants you see, along with mapping out the landscape of your backyard.

We want you to get out and enjoy spring as much as you can! And with PlantWatch and YardMap, you can learn even more about the environment around you!

For more information on ways to get involved with our programs, please visit our NatureWatch and NatureHood pages.

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