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NatureHood Partner Profile: Become a Nature Photographer with NatureKids BC

This is a part of an ongoing Nature Canada series, profiling our NatureHood program partners. NatureKids BC talks us through how they were able to engage families with nature virtually! NatureHood offers programming built on nature exploration, outdoor education, and celebration of nature’s nearby wonders.

NatureKids BC (NKBC) is an award-winning network of 24 nature clubs across British Columbia that help children and their families explore, play, learn about, and take action for nature. NKBC is also a partner in Nature Canada’s NatureHood program

Together with our volunteer club leaders, nature mentors, and partners, NKBC shares a vision of working together to help kids aged 5 to 12 develop a lifelong love of nature, environmental literacy, and the skills to steward a healthy future.

Shifting Our Explorer Days Online

We typically engage families through our fun-filled Explorer Days. These are opportunities to learn about our local ecosystems and wildlife species in BC, conduct citizen science activities, and build community through stewardship.

The pandemic has led us to shift our Explorer Days online using Zoom. From frogs to marine mammals to wolves, we’re still making sure families learn about all the outdoors has to offer. Our Explorer Days remain interactive, and the children’s live feedback has energized us. It’s great to see them using their senses with questions like “what does it smell like? What does it feel like? Ew! Cool!”

Sensory explorations in Prince George, BC (this was taken when we were still allowed to gather in groups!)

In addition to running these virtual Explorer Days, our team has used this period of reduced vehicle traffic to observe the urban wildlife and thriving greenery in our local NatureHood. Starlings are nesting in the eaves, woodpeckers are creating beautiful music, and so many people are playing in the dirt and planting seeds for all to enjoy!

Activity: Become a Fledgling Shutterbug

A NatureKids BC activity was recently featured in EcoParent magazine. It has some photography tips and a special assignment that will help kids (and adults!) get started on observing and photo-documenting the amazing changes happening in the natural world. 

Click here to see our nature photography guide—and get the inside scoop on a special all-seasons activity!

“Photos are a great way to tell the story of your outdoor adventures with your family. Nature photography is also a gentle-on-the-earth way of taking a part of your experience with you.” – NatureKids BC

You can follow their programs on Facebook and their website where you can subscribe to their monthly e-newsletter for more fun activities and resources! Check out NatureKids BC’s virtual Explorer Days on their YouTube channel here. NatureKids BC also publishes a quarterly children’s magazine, NatureWILD, which is available in print or digital format. 

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