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Photo Courtesy: Nature Saskatchewan

Bird Team Spotlight: Regina, Saskatchewan

Conservation and Education Manager, Lacey Weekes from Nature Saskatchewan and Elaine Ehman, from Nature Regina have joined together to lead the Regina Bird Team to become the next certified Bird Friendly city! 

Currently, the Regina Bird Team is compiling evidence and continuing to work with municipal staff in Regina to accomplish their goal of becoming certified. Their mission is ‘to engage and inspire people to appreciate, learn about and protect Saskatchewan’s natural environment.’ 

Regina’s Bird Team has hosted a variety of events in their community focused on celebrating birds in the area, how to protect them in urban environments as well as participating in World Migratory Bird Day. 

The City of Regina is also aiming to ban single-use plastic bags by 2022, which is just one way to prevent the accumulation of plastic waste in habitats that birds live in as well as preventing them from being hurt or ingesting plastic. Nature Regina’s ‘Bird Safe Initiative’ in association with focuses on bringing awareness to the impact that buildings have on local bird populations. To learn where and when window strikes occur, and how to prevent them in the future, check out BirdSafe’s online database.

To find out more about Regina’s Bird Team and the events they are working on check out their social media accounts linked below. 

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