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Image of naturewatch logoNatureWatch aims to involve and train citizen scientists in gathering and sharing data in order to inform conservation efforts and policies. This group provides Canadians with the tools to empower themselves and to interact with others interested in studying nature. Connecting with young Canadians from Aboriginal, rural and city settings, NatureWatch’s outreach program works to build the interest and participation of the next generation of citizen scientists.

NatureWatch programs allow you to participate at your own pace and chosen location, even in your own backyard. Like most NatureWatchers, you’ll probably find that it is simple to incorporate nature observation into your regular routine. While the monitoring protocols are scientifically rigorous, they’re quick and easy to follow, and cater to beginner and expert naturalists alike.

You can learn about the environment while gathering the information scientists need to monitor and protect it. Get involved in one or more NatureWatch program and discover how natural ecosystems are changing in Canada—and why.


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For a better understanding of how to use these different programs in NatureWatch, please watch a webinar that took place on April 1, 2015. This webinar goes over the importance of NatureWatch and how you can use the site to contribute to scientific research.

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The NatureWatch program is now managed by the University of Ottawa Laboratory for Integrated Environmental & Policy Change in collaboration with Nature Canada.


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