Aren’t They Worth It?

Did you know that over 600 species are at risk of extinction in Canada?
The polar bear is one of them. Last month, thanks in large part to thousands of letters sent by Nature Canada supporters asking Environment Minister Peter Kent to take fast action to protect polar bears, the polar bear was listed as a species of special concern under the Species At Risk Act.
Unfortunately, the polar bear is not alone. Other species threatened by human activities and facing declining numbers include the Boreal Woodland Caribou, Burrowing Owl, Greater Sage-Grouse and Wolverine.
In our watchdog role as an advocate for endangered species, Nature Canada closely reviews recovery strategies for species at risk to ensure the best possible protective measures are included. Over the past year, our recommendations helped improve recovery strategies for four species, including the Loggerhead Shrike, one of 27 endangered birds on the Species At Risk list.
This holiday season, help us reach our goal of raising $64,000 to protect endangered species – that’s $100 for each listed species. Aren’t they worth it?