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Conservation Partner Award

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Nature Canada Conservation Partner CrestThe Conservation Partner Award — formerly known as the Nature Canada Volunteer and Affiliate Award  — recognizes the conservation efforts of a partner organization or volunteer who has supported a Nature Canada conservation initiative or directly supported Nature Canada’s mission.

Conservation Partner Award Recipients

  • Ottawa Field-Naturalists Club (2013)
  • Chris Tollefson (2013)
  • Nature Manitoba (2011)
  • Myrna Wood (2011)
  • BC Nature (2010)
  • Tony Dean (2010)
  • Nature Saskatchewan (2009)
  • Barbara MacDuff (2008)
  • Pierre Gratton (2007)
  • Nature New Brunswick, formerly the New Brunswick Federation of Naturalists (2005)
  • Pomquet Coastal Guardians (2004)
  • Gart Bishop and Martin Willison (2004)
  • Dawn Dickinson, Sandra Foss and Carol Porter (2003)


Organizations and individuals affiliated with organizations that are affiliates in good standing with Nature Canada. Nomination for the award can be made by any member of Nature Canada.

Are you a Nature Canada member? *You must be a Nature Canada member to nominate a candidate for the Conservation Partner Award.

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Details of the nominee’s achievements including: the scope of impact, the degree of collaboration between the nominee and Nature Canada, percent of the nominee’s resources participating in the project, the achievements of the project, and the degree of completion of the project;

Nomination Procedure

  1. The Awards Committee named by the Board will independently rate the nominations;
  2. The Chairperson of the committee will collate the results of this rating and provide them to the Board for ratification.
  3. The Board shall vote to ratify or not ratify the Committee’s decision;
  4. If ratified, the Board shall confer the Conservation Partner Award (formerly the Affiliate Award) on the affiliate at appropriate time and place, usually the Annual Banquet if feasible.
  5. On the recommendation of the Committee, a file may remain active for years or until an award is made to the nominee, which ever comes first. The President shall contact the nominator(s) for each active file, well in advance of the published deadline to ask if there are any appropriate additions to the file.

The Affiliate Award consists of the following:

  • A story in Nature Canada publications describing the achievements of the affiliate;
  • Announcement of the winner at Nature Canada’s Annual Banquet;
  • The presentation of a framed certificate for display in the affiliate’s office by the Nature Canada President, or his/her delegate, at an appropriate time and place.

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