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Scott Mullenix

Director of Communications

Scott oversees all aspects of the organization’s communications and digital engagement work, including strategic communications, media relations, social media, and audience engagement.

Scott has a strong background in environment-focused communications and digital campaigning. His background is in political communications and has worked with and engaged audiences on campaigns from across Canada and across the political spectrum.

He was the Deputy Director of Communications for the Green Party of Canada through the 2019 election and the 2020 Leadership Contest and before that he led the Green Party’s Fundraising and Development team during a period of record growth. He has worked in Communications project planning and strategy in the private sector as a strategist and project manager and led the Political Operations team of the Conservative Resource Group at the House of Commons through the 2011 and 2015 federal elections.

Scott is a founding member and board member of the Heartwood Institute and in his spare time, he volunteers in his community and spends time outdoors with family.


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La nature sauvage du Canada fait l’envie du monde entier. C’est notre devoir de garder notre pays fort et vert.