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Tim Hopwood

Bighorn Country

You can probably guess who lives in Bighorn Country – Bighorn Sheep! It’s also a home to Grizzly Bears, Mountain Goats and Bull Trout. The area of the eastern Rockies adjacent to Banff and Jasper is the missing piece between the two parks and needs to be protected to allow these iconic species room to roam.

The area is the source to both the North Saskatchewan and Red Deer rivers, which provide drinking water to more than 1.5 million Canadians across the western provinces, including the city of Edmonton. Despite this, it’s still at risk from development pressure.

Take action:

The Alberta government recently announced a plan to create a new Wildland Park and three provincial parks in the area. We have the opportunity to make sure the area is protected for future generations of humans and animals. We need your help now during the public consultation phase.

1. Sign our petition: Say YES to Bighorn Country! (5 minutes)

Join thousands of Canadians and tell the government that the Bighorn Country needs protection now. Sign now!


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