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Protect the Laurentian Whale Passage Now!

The Laurentian Whale Passage off the coast of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia supports unique cold-water corals which provide shelter for many species foraging for food or raising young.

Each year, at least 20 different species of whales and dolphins journey through the passage during migrations to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The channel is also one of the few places where Black Dogfish and Porbeagle Sharks give birth to their young, and it provides sanctuary for species at risk like the Leatherback Sea Turtle.

The area has been a candidate for protection for a decade, but the first proposal would have allowed oil and gas exploitation in the area! After an outcry, the federal government now has an opportunity to do the right thing.

Without protection, the marine species in the area face deadly threats like tangled nets and oil spills. If enough of us use our voice to ask the government to create a Marine Protected Area for the Laurentian Whale Passage, we can ensure that this ocean valley is a safe place for whales, dolphins, turtles and sharks on our East Coast.

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