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Halt the Proposed Slaughter of Cormorants!

The Ford government is proposing a mass slaughter of the Double-crested Cormorant. Your voice can turn this around.

This native bird is being blamed as the sole reason for the decline in fish stocks when in fact there are multiple other causes such as pollution, introduction of non-native fish species, and exotic mussel populations.

The Cormorant almost became extinct decades ago due to exposure to toxic chemicals, but bounced back. The populations are now stable or even decreasing slightly.

The Ford government proposal would allow hunters to kill 50 Cormorants a day, including during breeding season, and even leave their carcases to rot. This isn’t hunting – it’s a slaughter.

If enough of us express our opposition to this ill-conceived plan, the government will need to reconsider.

Please add your voice today.

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