Nature Canada

There is no Planet B

Stephen Hazell
Director of Conservation
and Legal Counsel (At 100% Possible March on Parliament Hill)

Yesterday, on the eve of the Paris climate talks, 25,000 Canadians, including myself and other Nature Canada folks, marched on Parliament Hill.  A key message?  There is no Planet B—for people, birds, or other wildlife.Image of logo-COP

Nature needs to have an important place in the international agreement that comes out of Paris. As Birdlife International’s report explains, the degradation and conversion of natural ecosystems is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions (the biggest, next to burning of fossil fuels). Protecting and restoring natural ecosystems is a proven and cost-effective approach to mitigate climate change. As well, healthy ecosystems protect communities against flooding, sea-level rise and drought. Conserving, restoring and managing ecosystems sustainably can thus be key elements in climate adaptation strategies.

Plan A in Paris needs to focus on protecting nature on Planet A—the only one we’ve got.

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Canada’s wilderness is the world’s envy. It’s our duty to keep our true north strong and green.