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Thank You for Caring for Nature This Holiday Season!

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Jodi Joy, Director of Development

As we ring in the joys of the holiday season and look with gratitude to another new year, we often reflect on the key moments of the past year, whether through lists on TV or in the paper or read online.

With every member who shares their nature discoveries, memories or wishes, I’m reminded again and again how much nature nurtures our souls.  It also reminds me why our members feel it’s important to defend wildlife and wilderness.

It’s truly inspiring and heartwarming to know that you care dearly about nature. Thank you for your kindness, compassion and dedication to nature this past year. Your generous support is always hard at work to defend animals, plants, and the clean air and water we all depend on.

mountain lake

At this sharing and caring time of the year, you might enjoy these reflections from your fellow Nature Canada members that hopefully will put a smile on your face as you read and nod along:

“Nature is a never-ending source of inspiration, restoration and discovery for me. I think for all of humanity, when one opens their eyes and heart to it, from a single wild bloom in an urban field to the broad majesty one encounters on a mountain hike. So much to discover and care for.”Dorothy, BC, member since 1999

“I find solace in nature — the woods, fields, swamps, running water, rocks and cliffs are like cathedrals. Birdsong and glimpses of wildlife connect me to the living web that sustains us all.”

“I still remember watching the morning mist and hearing the loon’s cry at the lake for the first time as a little girl sixty years ago, like it was yesterday.”Marion, ON, member since 2013

“After camping for nearly half a century … I still love it so! My wish for our beautiful country is that Canadian nature be protected, nurtured and respected more than before and that the generations that come will understand and appreciate the importance of this vital symbiosis.”Julie, QC, member since 2003

“We say nature like it’s something separate from us. We are nature, we are part of wilderness, we must protect nature to protect mankind.” – Gisele, ON, member since 2003

“My wish is that every Canadian be grateful for all that is great about our magnificent natural heritage.”Ann, AB, member since 1998

“I hope that Canada’s citizens vow to work together to protect and expand our remaining wild spaces. We need to protect our biodiversity. We need stronger environmental protection to do so. Every form of life in Canada deserves clean air, water and soil. That’s our commitment for the next 150 years.”Karen, ON, member since 2001

As we look forward to 2018 (oh my gosh, where did the last year go?!) — an enormous THANK YOU to all of our members who stand alongside us to be a strong voice for nature. You and I can be thankful for all the gifts nature provides.

Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year!

P.S. One final parting thought from our AB member Catharina:

“The greatest gift we can give to each other this year should be … an ongoing commitment to preserve and protect our precious wildlands!”


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