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Robins at My Front Door

Image of a robin fledgling in a nest

Sue (who works at Nature Canada here in Ottawa) has visitors at her front door! Robin fledglings (Turdus migratorius) have taken up temporary residence in a tree that stands in Sue’s front yard, overhanging her front deck.Says Sue: “The mother used a bit of fabric from one of our dog’s toys to construct the nest. We have watched as the robin parents protected the eggs and then the babies over a few weeks. The day of this picture, one of the two fledglings boldly moved to the edge of the nest and tested his wings. He never left the nest that day that I saw, but two days after this picture was taken they had flown the coop.”

Here’s what staff ecologist Ted Cheskey had to add: “One thing that you can see on these birds that is characteristic of virtually all fledglings is the gape on either side of their beak. It is the bright yellow line of skin that arcs from the end of the beak to just below their eye. In many species — though obviously not with robins — the young look very much like adults and this is one of the few ways of determining age.”

Here are more pics.
Image of Robin fledglings in a nest

Image of Robin fledglings in a nest


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