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Giving Our Planet One Day Off a Year

Mark your calendars!
Did you know September 21st is Zero Emissions Days?

This event aims towards giving our planet a break and reducing the use of fossil fuels in our everyday lives.

What do this day entail?
Here are some fun facts and ways to participate:

  1. This day was specifically chosen because the length of days and nights are equal!
  2. It is the same day as International Day of Peace and World Gratitude Day
  3. The Goal: Have minimal use of gas, oil, coal, or electricity generated by fossil fuels
  4. One way to do this is to eat food that does not require the use of energy to make, or prepare your food a day early

Join the fun and make a difference in the environment!

Click here for Zero Emissions Day website.
For more facts on this day, click here.

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