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Mighty Mackenzie Still Wild…For Now

According to the Edmonton Journal, delays, setbacks and spiralling costs threaten to derail the massive, basin-opening Mackenzie Gas Project — a situation the oil conglomerates and its supporters are calling ” a mess” and “a nightmare.”

I call it welcome news.

The article recounts a litany of delays and obstacles that energy interests have endured in their quest to carve up the (for-now) pristine Mackenzie Valley. A sampling:

    • the project, once thought achievable for a mere $4 billion, has ballooned to $16.2 billion and rising.


  • a rival Alaska Highway pipeline plan could kill the Mackenzie Valley proposal, since there isn’t enough manpower or materials to carry on both projects at the same time.



  • continued disagreements with Ottawa over taxes, royalties and infrastructure costs.



  • And, often overlooked, the long list of unresolved environmental issues connected with a plan to literally tear up one of Canada’s most treasured natural features, simply to supply natural gas to our growing tar sands operations.


Nature Canada has opposedthe Mackenzie Gas Project from the start.

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