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Celebrating Alaska’s Important Bird Areas

Image of map of IBAs of Alaska

As part of BirdLife International, we’re celebrating the recent publication of a map of the Important Bird Areas (IBAs) of Alaska. Extensive identification efforts by Audubon Alaska have resulted in the designation of 145 IBAs for birds such as Kittlitz’s Murrelets, Emperor Geese and Bar-tailed Godwits. With 69 IBAs of global significance, Alaska has the highest number of globally significant IBAs of any US state.

These sites join a network of thousands of IBAs stretching throughout the hemisphere and around the world, including close to 600 IBAs that we’ve identified in Canada. By identifying the world’s sites that are critical to the survival of birds, the BirdLife partnership highlights their importance and is taking concrete steps to ensure that these sites continue to play their vital roles for the conservation of global bird species.

You can download a copy of this map (including stunning original species illustrations by renowned bird artist David Allen Sibley) here.

Bravo Audubon Alaska!

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