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Canada’s Only Climate Legislation Killed in the Senate

Canada’s only federal climate change legislation, the Climate Change Accountability Act, was defeated in the Senate 43 to 32 last night.

After being stalled for months, there was a surprise vote on Bill C-311 before any debate or consideration could be held in the Senate. This unprecedented action means that a Bill passed by a majority of elected MPs, representing two-thirds of Canadians, is dead.

What now?

Canada will be heading to the UN climate change negotiations in Cancun this December without a single law on the books or Bill in Parliament tackling greenhouse gas pollution. We have been assured that new climate legislation will be brought forward, but a delay of even a year or two could be devastating for species and wildlife habitats in Canada.

Nature Canada supporters have consistently raised their voices in support of strong, swift action from the government to address climate change. Our call has been heard – climate legislation has been passed in the House of Commons twice in the past two years. And although those Bills have failed to become law, any federal party opposing action on climate change must resort to parliamentary tricks to do so.


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