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Nature Canada is the science-based voice for nature. Calling for effective laws aimed to conserve, as well as to protect wildlife, Nature Canada is driven by communities of naturalists across the country. Along with programs for protecting birds and building support for the Green Budget Coalition, Nature Canada will continue to focus its energy on certain key areas, including protecting prairie grasslands, promoting sustainable mining and protecting species at risk.

Our Beliefs

Nature Canada’s main mission is to connect Canadians with nature, instilling in them a nature ethic.learn more

Endangered species

Nature Canada supports programs to protect endangered species and their habitats.learn more

Protected areas

Since 1939, Nature Canada has helped protect more than 63 million acres of  natural habitat and parks.learn more

Green Budget Coalition

Nature Canada is proud to be the founding member of the Green Budget Coalitionlearn more

Environmental Laws

Nature Canada states the need to strengthen our enviromental laws for greater protectionlearn more

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