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NatureHood virtual tours

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Take a Virtual Tour of Canada’s growing list of NatureHoods!

Your gateway for connecting with the nature in your neighbourhood.


Discover the unique wildlife right in the heart of the national capital regionlearn more

Saanich Peninsula

Explore Vancouver Island’s NatureHood with the Friends of Shoal Harbourlearn more


Explore Montreal’s NatureHood with the EarthValues Institute!learn more


Explore Regina’s NatureHood with Nature Saskatchewanlearn more


BC’s South Okanagan Valley

Explore BC’s South Okanagan Valley NatureHood with the Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Alliance!learn more


British Columbia

Explore British Columbia’s NatureHood with Nature Kids BC!learn more


Wye Marsh

Explore Ontario’s NatureHood with Wye March Wildlife Centre!learn more


Nature New Brunswick

Explore New Brunswick’s NatureHood with Nature NB!

learn more


Long Point Bird Observatory

Explore Ontario’s NatureHood with Nature NB!

learn more


Nature Quebec

Explore Quebec’s NatureHood with Nature QC!

learn more

Other cities coming soon – check back for updates!

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