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NatureCaretakers provide vital and necessary monitoring of bird habitat at over one-third of Canada’s 600 Important Bird Areas (IBAs). Stewardship of local bird habitat is essential for protecting places that are important to breeding, migrating, staging and wintering birds. In partnership with Bird Studies Canada (BSC), the volunteer efforts of NatureCaretakers provide a first line of defense to areas lacking formal protection and oversight.

Volunteer Caretakers are the eyes, ears, and hands on the ground at IBAs across Canada. After being matched to specific IBAs, IBA Caretakers monitor birds, assess habitats, and conduct conservation activities. They work with local communities, scientists, governments and nature groups to promote Important Bird Areas and to ensure that local conservation ideas are put into action. Their hands-on volunteer work helps build healthier bird communities and more sustainable environments for future generations. Today the network spans nine provinces and is managed by regional partners across the country.

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It keeps me connected with a network of other like-minded enthusiastic and knowledgeable bird watchers.
Marc-Andre Beaucher
We’ve always been interested in nature and birds, so we thought becoming Caretakers would be a good fit.
Julie Cappleman and Dave Shepherd
The program is as much about birding as it is about bringing people together out in nature on a regular basis.
Josie Osborne

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