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Join Feederwatch

Information collected at your backyard feeder can help scientists determine how bird populations are changing across the continent — information that is crucial for effective bird conservation programs.

Once every two weeks — from November through March — Project FeederWatch participants count the birds that appear at their feeders and submit the data to Bird Studies Canada, Nature Canada’s Important Bird Areas partner. For a $35 registration fee, “FeederWatchers” receive a poster of common winter birds, a bird calendar, the Birdwatch Canada newsletter (4 times/year), an instruction booklet and data report forms. Data can also be entered over the Internet.

To join Project FeederWatch — and turn your backyard hobby into valuable bird conservation research — contact

Bird Studies Canada 
P.O. Box 160
Port Rowan, ON
N0E 1M0
Telephone: 1-888-448-2473 (toll-free)
Email: pfw@bsc-eoc.org.

You can also register online through the Project FeederWatch Web site.

Project FeederWatch is a joint education/conservation project of Bird Studies Canada, Nature Canada and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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