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Tips for helping birds

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Help Migrating Birds

Every spring, more than a billion birds fly home to Canada to start their families. You can give them a helping hand by checking out our ‘14 Ways to make your backyard bird-friendly‘. In the winter, there are special challenges facing birds as they make their return journey to wintering grounds south of our border. Help our feathered friends by following these tips for making your yard a welcoming place for birds during the cold months.

Take Part in Bird Day

On the second Saturday in May each year, International Migratory Bird Day celebrates the incredible journeys of migratory birds between their breeding grounds in North America and their wintering grounds in Mexico, Central, and South America. Take part in hikes, bird watching, educational programs and public events in your area! 

Help Nature Canada Protect Important Bird Areas in Canada

Community care of local bird habitat is essential for the health of our Important Bird Area system – and for the birds. Nature Canada supports community-based conservation programs across Canada to further stewardship and restoration efforts. Your support of Nature Canada ensures that these conservation activities at IBAs in your community continue. Support our IBA protection efforts.

Make Your Observations Count

Let ornithologists know what’s happening at your bird feeder near where you live. Join a bird count! Your findings will help scientists report on feeder bird populations, breeding and wintering ranges and rare bird sightings.

Information collected at your backyard feeder can help scientists determine how bird populations are changing across the continent — information that is crucial for effective bird conservation programs.

Once every two weeks — from November through March — Project FeederWatch participants count the birds that appear at their feeders and submit the data to Bird Studies Canada, Nature Canada’s Important Bird Areas partner. For a $35 registration fee, “FeederWatchers” receive a poster of common winter birds, a bird calendar, the Birdwatch Canada newsletter (4 times/year), an instruction booklet and data report forms. Data can also be entered over the Internet. Register on-line through the Project FeederWatch Web site.

Report sightings of dead birds

If you find a group of dead birds, follow these tips for handling the carcasses and reporting your sighting to the appropriate authority.

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