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Protect the Arctic Refuge!

Image of Porcupine Caribou

Stand Up To Trump On Transboundary Caribou

Every Spring one of the largest land migrations in the world takes places as Porcupine Caribou cross Canada’s Yukon and Northwest Territories to their calving grounds, located in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Now, the Trump Administration is threatening those calving grounds with oil and gas drilling.

We have until June 19 to comment on an environmental review of a proposed oil and gas lease sale on the Coastal Plain of Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Under U.S. law, their government must consider transboundary impacts. Canadians can join thousands of Americans in raising our voices against this destructive plan.

The Gwich’in people, whose traditional territory also straddles the border, oppose this plan because any threat to the Porcupine Caribou threatens their subsistence lifestyle and culture.

The Arctic refuge is a truly special place. It is home to crucial nesting areas for 70 species of birds such as the Snowy Owl. It is also home to polar bears, musk ox, wolves, and moose. Many of these animals cross back and forth into Canada.

Please stand with the Gwich’in people and thousands of Americans and Canadians in telling President Trump and the U.S. government that oil and gas drilling has no place in the Arctic Refuge.

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