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White Swan®

Nature Canada / White Swan®

Nature Canada has chosen to partner with White Swan in recognition of the steps it has taken to adopt environmentally responsible manufacturing practices, and to encourage other industry leaders to adopt greener ways of operating.

White Swan products manufactured in their Eastern Canada mills use 100% recycled fibre, of which 80% comes from post-consumer material. Poly packaging that is used for White Swan Bathroom Tissue, Paper Towels and Napkins, is recyclable where community programs exist and contains a minimum of 10% Post Industrial Material.

White Swan offers both 1 and 2 ply bathroom tissue that is ideal for today’s environmentally-conscious customers made with 100% recycled fibres. White Swan regular is a 1-ply product while White Swan Deluxe is a softer, thicker 2-ply that offers convenience and comfort while still caring for the environment. Both products are septic friendly and EcoLogo certified.

You can find these products on retail, grocery and drug store shelves nationally.

The following White Swan products, bearing Nature Canada’s logo, meet EcoLogo criteria.


Whit Swan Facial Tissues

Whit Swan Facial Tissues

White Swan Paper Napkins

White Swan Paper Napkins

White Swan Deluxe Bathroom Tissue

White Swan Deluxe Bathroom Tissues

White Swan Bathroom Tissue

White Swan Regular Bathroom Tissue

White Swan Paper Towel

White Swan Paper Towels

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