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Our Water Initiatives

Nature Canada / Our Water Initiatives
Water – it’s essential to life. Conservation of water bodies, from lakes to rivers and ponds to wetlands, is an important way we protect animals and plants. Many Canadians live near water and own waterfront property. Our love for water and waters ports is part of our national identity. Many of us even have a favourite lake or river where we can connect with the natural world. Nature Canada runs two water initiatives that help Canadians protect water and share their love for lakes and rivers. 

If you love lakes, join us in declaring your love for lakes by signing the very first national I Love My Lake declaration. Living by Water is a resource for people who would like to protect water bodies in their communities. Together, we can protect our water and ensure it is safe and clean for generations to come.

I Love My Lake

Declare your love for lakes by signing the I Love My Lake Declarationlearn more

Living by Water

Help protect water quality, prevent soil erosion and provide habitat for specieslearn more

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