Volunteers needed for new local initiative

Millions of birds die every year in North America after colliding with buildings, making window strikes a leading cause of death for migratory birds. Help us learn more about where and why birds are colliding with buildings in the Ottawa area by volunteering for the local Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) initiative.

FLAP Ottawa needs volunteers to help for a few hours each week during the migration season. Training will be provided.

Volunteer Roles:

FLAP Patroller: Patrol the streets to rescue injured birds and collect birds killed by window strikes. Keep detailed records of when and where you find each bird.

• Must be willing to commit to at least 1 early morning patrol per week (minimum 2 hours) during the migration season. Patrols usually start at sunrise, although they can continue throughout the day.
• Must be comfortable picking up dead birds and handling stunned and potentially injured birds safely. Training for live bird handling can be provided.
• Must keep detailed notes, including when and where each bird is found. The data that we collect through patrols will be vital to determining the problem areas in Ottawa and will help us direct our future efforts.

Ambulance driver: Be on call to help transport injured birds to the Wild Bird Care Centre for medical attention.

• Must have a driver’s licence and access to a car at short notice.
• Must be willing to transport the birds safely. This means moving them as little as possible, keeping them level, and providing a cool, quiet environment.

Event and Outreach Assistant: Share the message of how to prevent window strikes at local events. Help us plan and deliver educational and fundraising events during the migration season. Or use your social media savvy to help us share the message on Facebook and Twitter.

• Must be comfortable communicating with the public at various technical levels (generally basic) and staying consistent with FLAP messaging.
• Preference will be given to volunteers who also volunteer on patrols, as this are the best way to become comfortable with and knowledgeable about the program.

Interested in one of these opportunities or have an idea about how you can share your skills in another way? Find out more about FLAP at flap.org and contact ottawa@flap.org to get involved today!

FLAP Ottawa is a program of FLAP Canada, supported locally by

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