The Carbon the World Forgot

Canada has so much to contribute to mitigating climate change.
Just to start, we could stop the expansion of the tar stands, we could become leaders in sustainable, biodiversity-friendly alternative energy and we could ensure the preservation of one of our greatest treasures: the boreal forest.
A report released today by the Boreal Songbird Initiative and the Canadian Boreal Initiative explains why ensuring this treasure is preserved is so important in the fight against climate change.
The report comes about a month after a Global Forest Watch paper highlighted the fact that governments and industry do not measure or report on the significant amounts of greenhouse gases that are emitted when the Boreal forest is destroyed for tar sands development.
Mara posted earlier about why forests matter. And our friends at CPAWS are taking the forest message to Copenhagen with their make forests count campaign.
The takeaway message from all of this: The Boreal forest is the world’s largest and most important terrestrial carbon storehouse, and keeping that boreal carbon reservoir in place is essential to avoid accelerating climate change.
Photo: Oscar Lake in the Northwest Territories by D. Langhorst, Ducks Unlimited