Leap Into Spring with FrogWatch

Do you know what I think I love most about our FrogWatch program – besides getting outside and connecting with nature?

It’s all the puns that I get to unleash on you, our dear readers.

Want to hop on the band wagon? Take a leap and try Frogwatch. Kids and adults alike jump at the chance to take part in the toadly awesome activity — I’m not am-phibbing!

So leave your pad for the great outdoors and count some frogs; it’s a ribbiting experience!

Had enough? I toad you so.

Now that I have that out of my system for one more year, I do encourage you to join FrogWatch. It’s a terrific citizen science program that helps scientists understand our changing environment while rewarding you and your family with some good, healthy fun in nature.

All you have to do is listen to frogs calling at a pond — or even at the cottage or in your back yard — on a number of evenings over the calling season, record your findings, and submit the results. You can download observation forms, and if you need help identifying types of frogs, we have a handy ID poster, just email us at info@naturecanada.ca to request one in the mail.

FrogWatch is part of a suite of NatureWatch programs — if plants, worms or watching ice thaw is your thing (and it really is for a lot of people!) then check out our other NatureWatch programs.

The NatureWatch program is a partnership between Nature Canada and the University of Ottawa Laboratory for Integrated Environmental & Policy Change.

Image of a frog

Photo: Helen McKay