Give Nature a Break!


Sometimes, nature needs to be left alone in order to thrive and do its job well.

That’s the message Carla Sbert, Nature Canada’s manager of conservation programs and legal issues, shared with CBC Radio One’s Ottawa morning show listeners on behalf of everyone who feels nature deserves a break.

Inspired by her daily commute to our office in downtown Ottawa, Carla asked the National Capital Commission to help Monarch butterflies by leaving fields standing through the summer. Here’s Carla’s story, which was read by the show’s co-host, Stu:

I have been cycling to work from Gatineau to downtown Ottawa through Leamy Lake Park  for five years. Every summer I am pained to see beautiful fields along the bike path razed down in the middle of summer. This year that happened last week and early this week, even before Canada goldenrods started blooming and just a couple of weeks after the first milkweed did. This is so unnecessary. These fields are important for declining pollinators and birds, like bees, swallows and other insect eating birds and bats. They are important for monarch butterflies, too. I hope you’ve heard about the latest research showing the importance of milkweed for monarch butterflies and the role of milkweed loss in their decline. Please give nature a break and leave fields standing through the summer.

If there’s a natural space where you live that needs a break, share your story with us. Tell us what inspired you to protect it and what can be done to ensure it gets a break in the comments section below. And don’t forget to advocate for this natural space just like Carla did!