Thinking Small in my Backyard Garden

Image of small plotted garden This year, for the first time, I’m trying my hand at backyard vegetable gardening as a way to eat (very!) locally and teach my daughter about where food comes from. I decided to try out square foot gardening after reading about the high vegetable yields that can be achieved from a small amount of garden space. An added bonus: this intensive method has required little thinning and weeding and no chemical inputs. My square foot garden has 18 one foot by one foot squaresImage of a gray tree frog on lettuce growing everything from Thai basil to cherry tomatoes to peppers to beets. We’ve been eating fresh radishes, peas, beans, and lettuce for quite a few weeks now, and we are quite enjoying the garden. So is this tree frog who has taken up residence in our lettuce square. It’s a Gray Treefrog, showing off his ability to blend in with his lettuce-coloured surroundings.