Spill at Suffield kills hundreds of birds

A leak of between 60 and 90 barrels of oil was discovered Monday, Sept 8 by a survey crew five kilometres east of Ralston, within Canadian Forces Base Suffield. The oil leaked from a suspended well licensed to Calgary-based Harvest Energy and killed over 300 birds. See story.

The spill wasn’t in the Suffield National Wildlife Area, which is part of the CF Base. This time.

This accident illustrates why industrial activities do not belong in a NWA. The Suffield NWA currently has over 1,000 wells and a different energy company, Encana, is proposing to drill another 1,275 shallow gas wells and build 220 km of pipeline. Suffield is an endangered ecosystem that is partly protected as a National Wildife Area. Because accidents like these do happen, the proposed project should not be approved and the existing operations in the NWA should be abandoned and properly decommissioned.

Keep informed about the environmental assessment hearings on the Encana proposal, which start on October 6, 2008.

(Photo of Suffield by Andy Teucher)