Save Our Boreal Birds – Sign Petition

We’re making one last push to recruit signers of our petition to Save the Boreal Birds, before we officially submit the signed petitions to leaders in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal on May 12.

Canada’s Boreal Forest, a 1.4 billion acre green garland stretching from Yukon to Newfoundland, is one of the world’s most unique and important ecosystems. The billions of birds raised in North America’s Bird Nursery leave their nests in the fall and migrate to winter locations throughout North, Central and South America. Many of our favorite backyard birds began their lives in the Boreal.
In recent years, we have seen long-term declines in many Boreal bird species. Rusty Blackbirds have declined by 95%, Olive-sided Flycatchers, Boreal Chickadees, Bay-breasted and Canada Warblers, and Evening Grosbeaks by more than 70%, and scaup and scoters by over 50%.
The Save Our Boreal Birds Campaign is a joint effort supported by a variety of nature groups and environmental organizations (go here to see who’s part of the campaign) who are fighting to have at least 50% of Canada’s boreal forest protected from development, and sustainable development practices in the remaining areas.
Show your concern for the future of Canada’s Boreal Forest and the billions of birds that rely on it. Sign this letter urging government leaders to protect the Boreal today.