Protecting Nature Important to Canadians: Ipsos Reid Poll

Canadians care deeply about their natural spaces and wildlife, according to a recent Ipsos Reid poll.
The poll found that 75% of Canadians surveyed “feel that preserving natural areas and the variety of native plant and animal life in Canada is important to them.” Nearly one quarter said it was important to protect at-risk wildlife and habitat, and 20% said it was important to ensure Canadian bodies of water stay clean.
The poll also revealed another interesting fact. At the very core of Canadian’s strong support for protecting and conserving nature is the effect nature has on our sense of well-being. It turns out we’re happier when we’re in nature.
Ipsos Reid found that 87% of Canadians feel happier when they’re in nature or feel connected to nature. Of the people surveyed:
·         44% hike to experience the outdoors
·         34% play an outdoor sport
·         28% spend time at the cottage
Among younger Canadians (aged 18-34), camping is the number one activity that gets them outdoors. Older Canadians prefer hiking as a way to experience nature.
And it looks like voters for our own Nature Canada Quick Poll feel the same good vibes in nature – 92% say they are happiest when experiencing nature. The poll is still open – cast your vote here.