Polar Bear Art

Take a look at this beautiful painting of a polar bear by the First Nations artist Icebear, also known as Chris Johnson. His wife Charonne, a member of Nature Canada’s online community, sent this to us and to the Prime Minister, with this message:

I think the best way to speak on behalf of the polar bear and all the other arctic creatures is to send this photo of a painting done by my husband; as you can see, the bear is resting at the edge of the ice flow, staring out beyond it. What will he see?

Nothing ahead but starvation and drowning, as things stand at the moment.

This polar bear was painted using as a model a rescued
polar bear at the Pt. Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Washington. It and another were rescued from a travelling Mexican circus, that kept the bears in very tiny cages, hauled them all over Central America and the Caribbean… The zoo has built them an Arctic habitat, as they are too old to be trained for survival in the wild and released.

Is this the future we want for polar bears and other Arctic animals? Captivity, beneficial or otherwise?

I think not! Please pass legislation to protect them.

For the Inuit who say they need the revenue from the hunting parties: let them guide hunters with cameras, just as the whale watchers do on the other 2 coasts. We should be mature enough as a nation to be past killing for fun.

Thanks Charronne, for sharing this beautiful art with us!