Nova Scotia IBA gets protected

A globally significant Important Bird Area (IBA) off Nova Scotia’s northeastern Cape Breton coast has been formally protected as a provincial wildlife management area. This IBA consists of two long, narrow islands, Hertford Island and Ciboux Island. The islands support the largest Great Cormorant colony in North America, with counts of more than 500 breeding pairs of this species, representing as much as 9% of the western Atlantic North American population of Great Cormorants. Other breeding seabirds, including Atlantic Puffin, Black-legged Kittiwake and Razorbill also make this IBA home. These islands join the growing number of Canadian IBAs with formal protected-area status. Such legal protection is one important way to safeguard our network of close to 600 IBAs that are vital breeding, wintering and migrating habitat for our birds from coast to coast to coast.