Nature Canada announces our Hug-a-Tree contest!

Nature Canada is excited to announce the launch of our Hug-a-Tree Contest, hosted by Nature Explorers!

Trees give us so much – clean air, vital medicine, delicious food and a home for some of our most precious creatures. Forests cover 31% of the earth’s total land area and are central to the livelihood of 1.6 billion people around the world.

Now in honour of the United Nations International Year of Forests, we’re challenging you to show your love for trees by submitting your tree-hug themed photos on our Nature Explorers website.

Nature Canada is passionate about connecting Canadians with nature and building a nature ethic across the country. Nature Explorers is Canada’s on-line destination for youth and their families to discover new ways to connect with nature and share their experiences. Visit Nature Explorers to find an outdoor activity in your area, connect with fellow nature lovers and of course, enter the Hug-a- Tree contest!

Whether you think your photo boasts the biggest tree hug, the most amazing tree hug or best group tree hug, our contest has a category for you. Submit your photos by January 3rd and you’ll enter to win great prizes, like an iPad, a collection of Boreal Teas or endangered species themed games from Anouk’s Ark! You can submit as many photos as you like so don’t be afraid to get creative. Good luck everyone!