Emotions and Hopes High in Copenhagen for a Climate Deal

I’ve been searching for a positive story to come out of the second day of the United Nations climate talks in Copenhagen.

Most of the media stories are centred around the “leaked text” by developed nations that would widen the gap between rich and poor and devestate the world. I also read a wonderful first-hand account of the Africa civil society meeting where Sudanese leader Lumumba Di-Aping movingly outlined the consequences of an unequal and unfair agreement.

Looking for news closer to home, the National Post is reporting that Canada has been a “constructive negotiator” at the climate talks. However, with a second “Fossil of the Day” award at this summit – as part of a group this time – Canada’s negotiating team still needs to step forward and lead.

I finally found what I was looking for in this video from Tck Tck Tck – Hope. I hope that the spirit of these youth spreads to the delegates and negotiators in Copenhagen. I hope that our leaders listen to the 10 million voices urging action now.