Climate Day at Parliament Hill in Ottawa was intense, moving and energizing. Mara Kerry, Nature Canada’s Director of Conservation and I were very glad to be there.

There was a strong sense of urgency, but also of hope: the event was organized by young people that want to make sure world leaders in Copenhagen set us in a new course: a 350 future.
Dr. John Stone, one of the IPCCC’s scientists that won the Nobel Peace Prize for helping the world understand Climate Change, had a simple message: “We are running out of time.”
A young leader from the Northwest Territories also had a simple message: “We have a right to be cold.”
The Executive Director of Oxfam Canada reminded us that climate change is not about the future, as people are today -yesterday- dying because of drought and extreme weather related to climate change.
Led by a young organizer, all of those who had a cellphone called our Prime Minister with a simple message: “I want to be part of the solution. Make us proud in Copenhagen.” Calls will continue this week.
There is still time, but the clock is ticking. We need to act NOW.