Boreal Songbird Petition presented to Federal Parliament

On June 15, Linda Duncan, MP for Edmonton-Strathcona, presented the Boreal songbird petition to the federal parliament of Canada. Ms Duncan stood before the House with two large binders of 60,000 signatures. On behalf of the signatories, she asked the government to explain what they are doing to protect the boreal forest, described as north America’s songbird nursery, and as one of the most significant carbon stores on the planet. Ms. Duncan noted that while only 10 percent of the boreal is formally protected, 30 percent is open for resources extraction. Nature Canada is gratified by Ms Duncan’s efforts and on behalf of the thousands of Canadians and citizens from 120 countries who signed the petition, we implore the federal government to take immediate and aggressive action to protect the boreal forests of Canada.
Watch Ms Duncan’s presentation on Utube now.
The Blackburnian Warbler (photo by Alan Woodhouse), is one of many songbirds that keeps the boreal forest healthy by eating leaf and needle-eating caterpillars such as the spruce budworm.