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Bird Day

International Migratory Bird Day (Bird Day) celebrates a migratory bird’s spectacular migration between winter and summer grounds. Bird Day is a project of Environment for the Americas and was created in 1993 to focus attention on the need to conserve birds and their habitats. As the Canadian partner of Bird Day, Nature Canada encourages Canadians to welcome back birds on Bird Day by holding an event to celebrate this magic moment of the year and connect Canadians to nature.
Bird Day, which can be held anytime of the year but is traditionally on the second Saturday in May, encourages bird conservation and increases awareness of birds through activities that are fun, engaging and educational. Bird Day activities vary from neighbourhood hikes to observe birds to multiday festivals. Each year, Bird Day has an official theme. This year, the theme is “Spread Your Wings for Bird Conservation”. 2016 is also the Centenary of the Migratory Bird Convention which led to Canada’s first wildlife law– the Migratory Bird Convention Act,
regulating hunting and protecting migratory birds from harm.  We encourage you to celebrate the Centenary of the Migratory Bird Convention and reflect the Bird Day theme at your event.

Please visit the other Bird Day web pages to see examples of events, guidance for funding or promotion, where events are taking place across Canada, and what free resources Nature Canada has available to you. If you want other resources, check out the free materials that are available.

Bird Day Ottawa 2016

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Nature Canada would like to thank the following partners who support Bird Day:


 Image of Wildlife Habitat Canada Logo

Since 1985, Wildlife Habitat Canada, a national, non-profit, charitable conservation organization, has invested over $50 million supporting more than 1,000 conservation projects across Canada, through its granting program. Funds invested to support grants come from the purchase of the Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp. The Stamp is purchased primarily by waterfowl hunters to validate their Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permits. Wildlife Habitat Canada works through partnerships with communities, landowners, governments, non-government organizations, and industry to conserve, enhance, and restore wildlife habitat. To learn more about the projects that Wildlife Habitat Canada has funded, please visit www.whc.org.
Without habitat…there is no wildlife. It’s that simple!

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