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I Love My Lake

Nature Canada / I Love My Lake

Nature Canada has introduced the first national Love My Lake Declaration to raise awareness of the need for stronger protection for our beloved water bodies. We would like to  invite you, your friends and family, your co-workers and your fellow freshwater-lovers to sign it!

The Declaration represents a list of people from coast, to coast, to coast (and beyond!) who want to declare their love for Canada’s lakes and other (fresh)water bodies. Simply fill out and submit the form below and voilà, you’ve made official your love of Canada’s aquatic environments – in all their wondrous and valuable forms.

Why is it so important to declare your love for lakes now? Canada’s federal government has recently changed its environmental laws to strip our beloved waters of strong protections against damage and destruction of fish habitat. Economic and industrial development is being favoured over protection of aquatic habitats. With these changes to environmental law, Canada’s lakes are inadequately protected against damage or destruction by industry or other interests – that is, where there’s any protection at all.

Unless we show how much Canadians love our lakes, government will only hear industry’s applause over these drastic changes.

So now is your chance to speak up!

I Love My Lake Video Declaration



Show us your favourite waterbody by sharing your photos on Instagram and using the tag #canh2o. Share the love on Twitter and Facebook by posting your photos there with the same tag, #canh20.







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Sign the declaration below and help us remind the Environment and Fisheries Ministers how much we all love our lakes and other waterbodies!

By signing the I Love My Lake Declaration, you are agreeing to the following statement:

“We the undersigned do publicly affirm that lakes and other water bodies hold a special place in the Canadian identity. They are important to all Canadians in some way and should never be polluted or otherwise wasted.”      

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Show us how much you love a lake or water body! Add a link to your YouTube video declaration in the box below. What should you include? Your name, where you’re from, the name of the lake or water body that you love and why you love it! (optional)

Are you a budding writer? Submit a story about your favourite water body and it could be featured on our blog! (optional)

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