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Protect our Endangered Species

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While many of us are thinking about our resolutions for the New Year… Prime Minister Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau are now deciding what goes in the next federal budget, due out early next year.

Will they give Canada’s endangered species the funds they need to survive and thrive? Join us in asking for the support our wildlife and wildlands need by sending a quick note. If enough of us speak up, we cannot be ignored.

Canada committed internationally to protecting 17% of our lands and inland waters by 2020, but we’re currently at only ten percent. Fifty percent of wildlife species are in decline in part because Canada is not protecting enough habitat.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna is asking for major new funding to turn the tide. Nature Canada and its allies are recommending that Budget 2018 include a federal investment of $1.4 billion over three years. But other powerful cabinet ministers have their own priorities for funding.

PM Trudeau and Min Morneau will decide in the next few weeks if the February 2018 budget will include funding to protect species at risk and ecologically important forests, grasslands and wetlands. If not, more of our wild places and wild animals will be lost forever.

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To: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau

Body: Dear Mr Trudeau and Mr. Morneau, I am writing to request that you provide new funding for nature in Budget 2018. Canada’s nature is at risk. Only ten percent of our lands and inland waters and less than one percent of our oceans are legally protected. Fifty percent of our wildlife species are in decline. Canada is committed internationally to protect 17 percent of our lands and inland waters by 2020, but without new funding in Budget 2018, that commitment cannot be achieved.  The Green Budget Coalition of 19 environmental groups co-chaired by Nature Canada is recommending that Budget 2018 include a federal investment of $1.4 billion over three years to:

  • establish new protected areas in such places as the South Okanagan of British Columbia, the grasslands of southern Saskatchewan, and the shores of eastern Lake Ontario; and
  • share costs for funding establishment of new protected areas by Indigenous, provincial and territorial governments and nature groups.

Please ensure that this year the federal budget is a budget for nature.

I know that you will look back upon this decision as one of you most important and enduring achievements of your political life.

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