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If there was ever a wildlife population that needs emergency protection, it’s the pod of endangered Southern Resident Orca Whales in the Salish Sea of British Columbia.

The world has been gripped in sorrow over the past few weeks as the mother Orca, known as Tahlequah, carried her dead calf on a “tour of grief.”

The fact is, her pod is starving from too few salmon, and beset by other challenges, such as noise and disturbance from increasing marine shipping and whale-watching boats. If we don’t act now and act boldly, Tahlequah and her pod may disappear.

This is why Canadians are joining together to demand that the federal cabinet issue an Emergency Order under the Species at Risk Act to help the Southern Resident Orcas by:

  • Restricting Chinook salmon fisheries in areas where these Orcas feed;
  • Enforcing the 200-meter buffer between marine vessels and Orcas, as well as speed restrictions on vessels;
  • Reducing noise and disturbance for commercial vessels travelling in or near Orca foraging areas; and
  • Protecting more critical habitat including the proposed Southern Strait of Georgia National Marine Conservation Area.

The more of us who show we care about the plight of these endangered Orcas, the more likely it is that the federal government will move. Please consider adding your voice today by filling in the form below.

Send your letter to Ministers Wilkinson and McKenna today!

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