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Donor Profiles

Reginald Whittemore founded Nature Canada in 1939 to honour his wife, Mabel Frances, an educator and nature lover whose main goal in life was to share her passion for nature with others. Read about some of the people who help to keep this legacy strong.

It all began with early morning walks to collect littered bottles and cans on Georgian Bay’s Cawaja Beach, more than 35 years ago.Today, Jack and Mary Gingrich are still protecting nature through personal action and longtime support of Nature Canada…
Read about Jack & Mary


Donor and volunteer Frogwatcher Steve Racey has collected frog data across Southern Ontario. He sees his wetland excursions as a getaway from the hectic pace of life, and recommends it to everyone…
Read about Steve


“I like that Nature Canada helps get children more involved with nature,” says Barbara Vengshoel, who, as a former kindergarten teacher, recognizes its lasting benefit. When Barbara was planning her estate, a friend suggested she donate some of her stocks to charity. The idea struck a chord…
Read about Barbara

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